What we do

We help young people reach their full potential!

In a desire to raise Black youths from underserved neighborhood’s awareness to develop three key traits; self-awareness, discipline and perseverance, JAMYAM, has put in place initiatives including discussion sessions on topics allowing young people to increase their tacit knowledge on subjects such as money, labor market and personal development.

Belonging to or representing a group can allow many youths, who are often on their own, to rely on a role model and develop their personal, academic and social skills. The social impact organization JAMYAM seeks to provide support to youths who need a meaningful presence in their lives.

The organization Young Athletes of Montreal aims to promote informal education by setting up seminars on concepts not taught in school and by offering recognition prizes to students, aged between 15 and 17 years, to encourage exemplary behaviors in all areas; academic, personal and interpersonal. JAMYAM provides books, teaching materials and other resources to students attending various seminars and events.

Youths And Money

Through the mobile clinics, the social impact organization, Young Athletes of Montreall, will provide adequate tools to young participants to help them learn more about money and its management, debt management and invest in a smart way..

The First Job

These sessions help equip young participants in writing their resume, preparing for an interview and knowing the fundamentals of their rights in the workplace.

Personal Development and Management

During these sessions, we invite youths to acquire a positive self-concept and the skills necessary to interact effectively with others.